Current Research


Christopher Slatore

  • Lung Cancer Screening Implementation: Building Blocks

  • Lung Cancer Screening Implementation: Evaluation of Patient-Centered Care

  • Pragmatic Trial of More versus Less Intensive Strategies for Active Surveillance of Patients with Small Pulmonary Nodules

    • The goal of this study is to compare two protocols for CT surveillance, both of which are supported by existing guidelines from professional societies and are consistent with current standards of care.
    • Sponsored By:PCORI
  • Comparative effectiveness of limited resection vs. SBRT

    • The goal of this study is to evaluate the association of common treatments for early stage lung cancer with short and medium-term health-related quality of life.
    • Sponsored By:National Cancer Institute
  • Palliative Care Interventions for Outpatients with Newly Diagnosed Lung Cancer

    • The goal of this three-site randomized control trial is to test the efficacy of delivering a nurse-led telephone-based intervention that includes the early provision of palliative care to improve patient-centered outcomes for Veterans with newly diagnosed lung cancer.

    Donald Sullivan

  • Impact of Specialist Palliative Care on Outcomes in Advanced Stage Lung Cancer

    • This goal of this study is to determine the impact of palliative care on mortality, healthcare utilization and patient-centered outcomes among advanced stage lung cancer patients in a national healthcare system.
    • Sponsored By: HSR&D, Nursing Research Initiative
  • The Association of Physicians Orders for Life sustaining Therapy (POLST) with Healthcare Resource Utilization among Acute Care Patients in Oregon

    • The goal of this study is to examine differences in inpatient healthcare resource utilization among patients based on care preferences documented on POLST, and to study whether patients with POLST receive care that is consistent with their documented preferences.
    • Dr. Sullivan and Dr. Vranas are Co-PI’s on this project.
    • Sponsored By: Collins Medical Trust
  • Pilot Study of a Progressive Exercise Program among Lung Cancer Patient-Partner Dyads (PEP-LC)

    • The goal of this study is to test the feasibility and acceptability of a dyadic exercise program for lung cancer patients and their partners.
    • Dr. Kerri Winters-Stone and Dr. Karen Lyons are Co-PI’s on this project.

    Kelly Vranas

  • Hospital-level variation in ICU admitting patterns among patients presenting to the emergency department: a mixed-methods approach

    • The goals of this study include examining variability in ICU admitting patterns for patients at low-risk of dying across the VA Healthcare System, evaluating the association of ICU utilization for these patients with their mortality and length of stay, qualitatively identifying previously unmeasured, and modifiable features of hospital healthcare delivery systems that are associated with variation in ICU admitting practice.
    • Dr. Sullivan is a mentor on this project
    • Sponsored By: Career Development Program in Emergency Care Research

    Lakshmi Mudambi

  • Validation of a predictive model to estimate probability of N2 N3 disease in non-small cell lung cancer patients using a multicenter registry

    • The goal of this study is to prospectively validate a predictive model that estimates the probability of N2 or N3 metastatic disease as determined by endobronchial ultrasound-guided transbronchial needle aspiration in patients with non-small cell lung cancer.
    • It is a collaborative, multicenter study with MD Anderson Cancer Center
  • Acquisition of Bio-specimens from a High-Risk Cohort of Veterans undergoing Low-Dose Computed Tomography Screening for Lung Cancer

    • The goal of this study is to develop a biorepository of specimens from individuals undergoing low-dose CT screening for lung cancer for investigators interested in research in biomarkers of early stage disease.
    • Sponsored By: OHSU CEDAR